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The Picture Perfect Apartments In Calgary for Rent


Calgary is found at the base of the Canadian Rockies. These Calgary apartments are the dream apartments for anyone who is in love with houses it is the right place to be for anyone. These apartments were built 25 years after the Olympics were held there in 1988. For those that are so much obsessed with hiking, outdoor fun and also lovers of sport, this is where you should be. The place is safer, pocket friendly, calm and also provides an environment that is very friendly.

What could make anyone want to rent a house in Calgary? This is simply because the condos around enable you to see the views of mountains and lakes that are really beautiful. The houses are also close to some attraction sites like the Calgary zoos , Calgary Olympic park and also the heritage park .

We have different kinds of apartments in Calgary that are being rented out. Here are some of them;

Cambrain court
These are also apartments found in Calgary. It gives you the comfort you need and also it is very quiet. It is found between the plains and Rocky Mountains. They rent out 2 and 3 bedroom all at different floors. What makes people like them is that they are close to institutions like schools making it easy for your kids to get to school since they are nearby, it is also close to shopping centers, parks and also transits (public). In case you want to rent those apartments you should know that you are required to pay deposit for security which is $100, a pet (indoor) you’ll pay $250 which won’t be refunded and lastly the police also get a rebate off rent that is charged $50. They are some of the Calgary apartments that are out to be rented.


Lake side estate
It is found in a neighborhood near the Glenmore park, Mount Royal University, shopping centers and public transits. It is mostly suitable for families. The apartments are very much clean and the maintained is also good you will want to live there. The apartments have courtyards that are very large with hallways plus facilities for laundry each one of them in separate floors. The tenants there get to enjoy the recreational sites close by like the Sarcee Trail Place at $25 which is not refundable. To enjoy the fridge, coverings of the window, a storage en suite that is very large and the stove you have to choose the large suites. Not all but some of the 2 bedroom apartments/suites are fitted with 1.5 bathrooms. Heat, water and a parking stall that is energized are included in the rent. It is a place you want to be.


Varsity place apartments
These apartments are found across from the Market Mall. Near to the University of Calgary. Research Park University, Foothills hospital and the children’s hospital called new Alberta. It comprises of two and three storey buildings that are nested inside trees and green space. Anyone that chooses to live in the units above the ground floor level get to enjoy the balcony. The apartments are suited with laundry facilities. The suites have a large storage unit, a fridge, a stove and also coverings of the window. Heat and water are inclusive of rent. For those with cars you will have to pay $30 for the parking lot and $250 for cats a fee that is non-refundable. For the children they will get to enjoy the playground found nearby.


Beltline towers
The Beltline tower is found at the 343-14th avenue SW and the 349-14th avenue SW. These apartments are fitted with laundry facilities, a park area that is well fenced, a court for basketball and also tables for picnics. There is also a store that is directly to the west tower. The suites are inclusive of a fridge, a stove, a balcony and the large suite storage rooms only for the select suites. One good thing with these apartments is that some of them are accessible by wheelchair for those that can’t walk. Water and heat is included in the rent. $250 is the fee charged for anyone who wants to keep a pet. The tenants enjoy the available onsite parking. The apartments in the Beltline towers are also some of the apartments being rented in Calgary.

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